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What if emotional intelligence (EQ) was valued equally as much as the intelligence quotient (IQ)? What would be different?

Students, educators and colleagues (1) would take responsibility for their actions, focusing on an improved self-awareness, (2) would manage exposing reactive behavior, choosing to respond appropriately and (3) would be effective collaborators, actively monitoring words and actions.


  • When I think of something that immediately causes a reaction to voice my mind, my opinion, or to jump into a situation- I quickly look down and press pause on my wristband to re-assess myself. I replay the voice in my mind, rethink my opinion, and regain my footing before jumping into a situation. I feel better for it. Whatever happens next, I completely own it. It's 100% me. Genuine.
    Jesse Garza (Y/R), District Technology Specialist, Los Fresnos CISD
    Managing Your Internal Pause & Play Buttons
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