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There are 12 different E-Color combinations, which tend to influence communication styles and behavioral tendencies. more

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(1) promote & attend Leadership Institutes, (2) invest in materials & coaching, (3) cross collaborate more


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Welcome to E-Colors In Education!

Knowing yourself and working with people effectively is an essential part of your life both at work and home. Appreciating the differences in personalities is essential to building teams, empowering student leaders and engaging parents authentically in the school environment. E-Colors in Education offers many opportunities to develop individuals and teams to realize their true potential utilizing E-Colors and Personal Intervention.

E-Colors in Education Inc. is a public charity. Contributions exempt from Federal income taxes pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Tax ID # 47-1141817)

Educational Excellence Moment: Holmquist Elementary Student Champions

What we offer?

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    Evaluating current team performance, identifying strengths within the team (to reinforce and sustain), recognizing gaps that can be addressed or closed with the right actions, establishing targeted goals to drive progress in order to maximize results and developing strategies to ensure sustainability and future growth are all essential to transforming a school's culture. 

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    Turn your school around by increasing:

        • Graduation and completion rates
        • The number of students who are College and Career ready
        • Academic depth and complexity

    And, all this happens while decreasing...

    • The number of behavior incidents
    • The number of staff that leaves
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    leadership coaching

    Educational Leaders: This is for you! As a former campus administrator, I have a clear understanding that developing you is key to the successful implementation of processes, programs and policies. Leadership coaching is available to give you an opportunity to reflect on your strengths and potential limiters. Additionally, we can look at how you respond to heightened situations and determine your prevention strategies to manage reactive responses.

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    We have a team performance model that focuses on getting the right results the right way. Here are the 8 Essentials:
    • Self & Team Awareness
    • Shared Vision & Values
    • Clarity of Roles & Processes
    • Trust
    • Diversity of Thought
    • Commitment
    • Accountability
    • Learning & Continuous Improvement

    E-Colors in Education is featured in rgVision Magazine.

how it works?

We can meet your school-wide needs in the following ways:

  • Leadership Development for Principals, Counselors, Grade Level Team Leaders, Department Heads or University Management
  • Full or Half Day Sessions for Campus/Organization's Staff
  • On-site or Virtual Mentoring & Coaching

Trainings will follow the Realizing Potential Journey:

  • Foundation
  • Realization
  • Sustainability


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