E-Colors in Education is committed to offering onsite professional development training, Leadership Institutes, Train-the-Trainer Workshops along with professional coaching to K-12 campuses, universities/colleges, school boards and nonprofit organizations.

Half-day and full-day sessions are available throughout the academic year for each of the 8 Essentials of High Performing Teams. Special dates are selected within each school year to schedule our two-day Leadership Institute and four-day Train-the-Trainer Workshop. Coaching sessions are available upon request.


E-Colors and Personal Intervention are processes in human development and performance. Both E-Colors and Personal Intervention are foundational to having greater self and team awareness. Our nonprofit places an emphasis on leadership, communication, safety and the overall organizational health by following the framework of the 8 Essentials of High Performance Teams.

A visual of the brain is divided into a four-quadrant frame to introduce the dialogue on behavioral, emotional and social tendencies impacting the health of an organization.


E-Colors gives individuals an opportunity to…

  • Reduce friction and increase collective understanding
  • Tailor one’s own natural communication style to enhance engagement with different personalities
  • Improve relationships through appreciation and understanding diverse perspectives

Personal Intervention reminds us about that we have a choice and…

  • Offers the understanding of making intentional choices to prevent unintentional consequences
  • Recognizes that there is a better understanding of how to manage our natural instinctive reactions that can cause regret and grief
  • Provides a mechanism for stepping out of our natural comfort zones by pressing internal pause and play buttons to speak up or listen–truly listen

8 Essentials of High Performance Teams offers…

  • An excellent framework to support leaders at all levels in delivering organizational and individuals goals
  • Alignment and inspiration for a team to know what needs to be achieved and be motivated to contribute their best
  • Help to build relationships and connections with people to add value to the aspirations of each person within the team
  • Enhancement to the growth, capabilities and skills needed for organizations to succeed, while developing internal expertise

Coaching is available for organizations seeking to invest in their leaders. Developing high-performing teams require intentionality. Equally the same,  leaders who seek to empower others and be effective at a personal, professional and organizational level require coaching that is deliberate and stretches to a higher standard.


8 Essentials of HPT

As the education branch of Equilibria, E-Colors in Education offers professional development sessions to K-12 public schools and universities in the United States. Our nonprofit organization utilizes the 8 Essentials of High Performance Teams to frame our delivery of the sessions.

The first session of Self & Team Awareness involves a full-day training in E-Colors and Personal Intervention. The Self & Team awareness can be separated and delivered in two separate half-day sessions. There is an additional expense for travel and any materials you would like to order.  Contact us directly for a proposal at rosalinda@ecolorsineducation.org.

The remaining sessions of the 8 Essentials of High Performance Teams can be delivered in a half-day (each). You are welcome to access our materials pricing in our Materials – Resource tab on this website.